The idea of New Books for The Kids is to try to help parents find…er… new books for their kids! I have three primary school aged children, and whilst I spend much of time reading or reading about books, I still find it a struggle to keep finding new and interesting books for them to read.

With all of the other things that make up a modern day classroom, teachers are hard pushed to find the time to produce reading lists that remain interesting and relevant to the children they are teaching. This is an attempt to help them out and to help parents who are struggling for inspiration too.

My reading philosophy is that whilst I think some books are good and others not so good, the most important thing is that our children enjoy what they read. Reading is habit forming and so whatever engages a child to read is worth pursuing, whether it be about football, dragons or wimpy kids; poetry, non-fiction or a graphic novel.

This is a part-time venture, initially constructed from one world viewpoint. I want my choices and recommendations to be as inclusive as possible, but have to be realistic that I am white, male, middle-aged, middle-class and live in the Home Counties of the UK. There’s bound to be amazing books out there that I have never heard of. That being the case, I urge you to let me know of your favourites for inclusion.

A note on Amazon links.

This site contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click on a link you’ll be taken to the Amazon page and if you purchase the book, Amazon will give me back a small percentage of the money you spent. This does not increase the price of the book. I don’t expect this will bring back much money, but if it does I’ll use it to defer the costs of running the site and the time spent writing posts of it.

I will also always endeavour to include a library link. This will be a Surrey libraries link as that’s where I live and I expect most visitors to the site will be local to me. Remember Surrey Libraries allow you to reserve children’s books FOR FREE, so if you’re looking for inspiration but don’t want to pay for a host of new books, this is a brilliant way to go. (It’s also a very handy way of getting a hold of those elusive first books in a series.)


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