Atchoo! How We Catch a Cold

atchoo1This book in the Kidwow Illuminating Insights series is fun, informative and visually appealing. With bold bright cartoon-style illustrations it outlines the way in which viruses are caught and transferred. It also explains the symptoms and why they aren’t so easy to get rid of.

It takes a simplified look at the components of blood, particularly white blood cells. There’s a fun quiz where readers are invited to guess ancient remedies – snail syrup anyone?  The pages are fun – some of them have look-through panels, that you can hold up to the light to reveal hidden information.

Atchoo! stresses the importance of not being scared of germs, but also the necessity of good hygiene. The back of the book has a page of information about how to best employ the book and things to talk about after reading.

All in all, Atchoo is really great way of introducing children age 5-7 to the world of microorganisms. It’s an effective way of introducing simple biology to a young audience. I very much look to seeing what over books are available in the KidWow range.

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