Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

“100 Tales of Extraordinary Women.”

I love this book. It looks great and it focuses on the women that history has a tendency to forget. If you are a parent of girls, you may well be fed up of leafing through male-dominated history books. In which case, this book is the perfect antidote.

To the rebel girls of the world:

Dream Bigger

Aim Higher

Fight Harder

And, when in doubt, remember

You are right 

Dedication of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Rebel Girls is arranged, slightly peculiarly; alphabetically by first name. Starting with Ada Lovelace, and finishing with Zaha Hadid. Each entry has a double page spread. One page of text and, the other, a quirky, stylised portrait. The quality of the drawings greatly adds to the appeal of the book.

The entries are written like fairy tales. They are a narrative the subject’s life, rather than an encyclopedic account of facts. This makes the book a great jumping off point for finding out more about the women mentioned.

Entries include women from all cultures and many different time periods, including, Catherine the Great, Coco Chanel, Malala Yousafazi, Marie Curie, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Rosa Parks, Xian Zhang and Yaa Asantewaa.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a great book; inspirational and informative. My only complaint is its title. My son, who at 11, really should be interested in all the fantastic women mentioned in the book, point blank refused to even look at it. “It’s for girls,” came the reply.

I understand the thinking behind the title, but it does feel like it’s guilty of the same sort of exclusion the authors are very much trying to stamp out. Perhaps a rebrand is needed. A new title, something like “Totally Awesome Women Everybody Should Read About.”

Whatever. This is a great book and deserves to be read far and wide.

Check out their website here.

To buy on Amazon, click here.


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